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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Year of projects year 6 - wk 8

Hello dear readers,

Well oh my goodness, have just counted up and I have missed four weeks of year of projects! Where did that time go. It was kind of intentional as I wanted a blogging break as have been on our hols.

To be honest folks I have been very very lazy on the crafting front. Nothing much has happened in that space at all ... I should have re-titled this post as lazy holiday knitting.

This is where I have got to.

The heal .....

I am trying to snatch a few rows today in the middle of washing camping gear. We have just got back from a weekend camping break but more on thay in a min ...

And in more detail ....

I am not putting my list up as really have not started or finished anything so it shall remain in the background for now.

Right on to camping, the kids went to their grans for the weekend so we could have a weekend camping. We have bought a new tent and wanted to try it out with no kiddies around. 

Here it is.... It took nearly an hour to put up and we are pleased all the pieces were there. We stayed at Poplar Grove Farm in Garstang, Lancashire.

It has been absolutely torrential rain all weekend but luckily when we put the tent up the sun came out for a few hours and we managed to relax and watch the beautiful sunset.

At a future date we want to bring the children with us as they will love it here.

The next day we went on a 6 mile walk which ended up being about 8 with getting lost and de-tours etc. We did the tolkien trail which is where the author who wrote the Lord of the Rings wrote and got some of his inspiration as he used to visit his son often who was a student nearby. The route mainly goes by the River Ribble and past Stonyhurst College. It starts and ends at The Shireburn Arms in Hurst Green. There is a street as you pass called Shire Lane , very Lord of the Rings ...

Here is a snippet of our walk....

Have you noticed the steps .... That was part of the walk I most wanted to do but at the end of 8 miles it was a hard slog and uphill as well as we decided to do the walk in reverse.

Right I am off.... Have a lovely week and thanks for reading Leah xxxxx

Friday, 19 August 2016

Catch up time ...

Hello dear readers,

I have oodles and ooodles to show you but not all in one post lovelies, it would be too much;)

First up I have been very lazy holiday knitting....

I have only managed to get up to the heel. Sorry the lighting is a bit poor today as quite dreary outside today. I have sneeked in my latest book in the pic too. A Fool's Alphabet by Sebastian Faulk's. I am a huge fan of his writing having read Birdsong and Charlotte Grey, so we will see how this unfolds.

Here is a close up of my knitting so you can try and see the stitchy details.

Ok so today I am going to share with you our visit to Chorley Flower Show a few weeks ago. It was fantastic, such a riot of colour and so so inspiring. We even caught a glimps of Carle Klein who is a famous gardener, we could not see one of her talks though as we had our wriggley giggley three year old with us.

These lillies are my favourite. My husband bought some for our anniversary the other week and they have the most gorgous sent.


Not one hundred percent sure what these were chrysanthiums?? My spelling is dreadful please excuse me and please correct me if you know the name of these beauties. The made my eyes pop that's for sure.

It was not all about flowers, we came across this great vege stand.

I loved this Bonsai tree stand. We actually bought one the following week but will show you ours another time.

We popped into Astley Hall to see some fabulous art.

I forgot to show you this little arrangement. What a nice spot for a cup of tea.

We popped int the walled gardens at the back of Astley Hall..

Then we took a stroll through the meadows ...

And we spotted these beautiful swans and their youngster ...

I forgot to add this shot of a garden by Myerscough College. They had included a tractor in it.

There was plenty for the kids to do ... lots of fun on the fair ground ...

And a real carnival atmosphere with a prosession and carnival music.

What a smashing day ....

I am off camping in a few hours ... just me and husband this time as the kids are spending time with their gran. We have bought a new tent so want to have a practise at putting it up. Only problem is it is raining but we are going anyway lol ....

Will update you on that soon and will show you our Lake district holiday trip ...

Have a great weekend ..... Leah xxxxx